A Commentary on the Mole Valley Constituency Labour Party


This website was built to promote the values and aims of people in the Mole Valley area who believed a society based on socialist principles was the best way to provide equality and fairness and offer the best opportunities for the many rather than building further riches for the few.

We aim to support candidates standing for the Labour Party in both local and national elections, but this is not a blank cheque. Robust debate and exchange of views can be creative and is welcome; if the organisation is not open, democratic and accountable it is no better that the deadbeats it is intended to replace. Underhand manipulation and abusive behavior is not acceptable.

We provided support for Marc Green, the candidate for the 2017 General Election. Marc has been the Constituency Secretary for the time since then and has devoted much of his time to organising the activities of the local party. Marc turned Mole Valley CLP from a minor pompous clique operating from the drafty back room of a pub into a live political organisation. He was selected unanimously by the local party as the candidate for the 2019 General Election.

Unfortunately a week before the candidates paper were to be submitted, the Labour Party Regional Office replaced him with an unknown man from another area. The CLP chairman was the only person involved in the shock change and she refused to allow any discussion on the subject, insisting on the exclusion any dissenting member.


During the process of dumping the hard working secretary, intimidation and physical threats were normalised and trivialized. Neither Marc nor the Constituency members have been given any reason or justification for the action. We still await an explanation. Most activists declined to support the imposed plastic candidate i the election and some quit the party or disconnected from the local constituency party and others worked with nearby Labour Party groups to promote candidates standing for election in promising nearby seats.

If you live in the Mole Valley Constituency and you join the Labour Party, you will become a member of this CLP with no alternative. There are around 500 members, but understandably seldom more than a dozen now turn up to meetings. Of course there is little point in working in the CLP because the Regional apparatchiks will simply override any action they do not agree with. You will have the opportunity to join a handful of others to engage in the ritual leafleting of Dorking Waitrose however...

Brian McGee

Professor Graham Scambler was the Vice Chairman of Mole Valley CLP at the time of the above events and he had experienced the same kind of antagonism from the time he fist becam a member. You can find his open letter to the General Secretary of the Labour Party HERE.