The Truth Begins to Emerge

Mole Valley Labour November 2019 and the Subsequent Fall Out

A report by Marc Green, MVCLP candidate for 2017 and candidate selected by the CLP for 2019

I was requested by the Mole Valley all members meeting in September to put my name forward as the local parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party. This was a unanimous decision by the membership who had recognised my role in building up the party profile and organisation locally. They also recognised my consistent loyalty to the twice elected leader of the party Jeremy Corbyn.

Following the meeting I submitted the form to LPHQ. I was open and transparent about my social media profiles as required by the party. I had nothing to hide or be ashamed of.


Following the unanimous approval of the local membership several weeks lapsed until Boris Johnson called the snap General Election in early November. At this point in time hastily convened regional board subcommittee meetings took place to consider candidates. This took the form of an elected regional board member, a regional LP official and the CLP Secretary. This precluded me so the CLP chair attended. In respect of Mole Valley two applications had been submitted mine and another from a member of Hastings and Rye CLP. The meeting endorsed my candidature as first preference and the other as a “substitute”. These would now be sent for “Due Diligence” over the next few days.


Late morning on 6th November I was told by the CLP chair that she was informed during the previous evening that I had failed the due diligence (DD) test. I was provided with no explanation as to why I had failed DD. Throughout the day I sought an explanation from Regional LPHQ but my e mails and phone calls to Ellie Buck (Regional LP Director) went unanswered. That continued to be the pattern. Having failed DD the substitute candidate was imposed on the Constituency. The process and decisions split the LP and resulted in my resignation as CLP Secretary, after all if I was deemed “unfit” to be the candidate then I was equally unfit to be an officer.


Much has happened since these days. I had to seek the truth and sent LPHQ a Subject Access Request (SAR) under the Data Protection Act to seek and answer on DD and also request ALL the information LPHQ held on me. The law is clear on this and SAR’s must be responded to within one month. The LP failed to meet this legal obligation despite reminders from myself and the ICO. On 8th April I received a partial response to my request relating to the DD fail. They are as follows: -

  1. I had “liked” a Facebook post by Jewish Voice for Labour who had criticised the Panorama Programme “Is Labour Anti-Semitic”? Many Labour members were upset and disgusted with the biased and unbalanced reportage. This included front bench members of Parliament. The programme provided no right of reply despite interviews and recordings having taken place. Instead the one-sided reporting was based on interviews of discredited ex staffers at LPHQ. I was provided no rationale as to why this FB “like” had failed DD.

  2. I had a Twitter debate, conducted on good terms, with David Schneider who describes himself as an “actor, writer, director, fool…” on his Twitter page. His Twitter page has a backdrop logo of “Question Everything. Why?”. He also a Labour Party member. The nature of the debate stemmed from David calling out Chris Williamson, then a Labour MP for using the term “Dark Forces” working against Jeremy Corbyn. David said the use of the term was “Anti-Semitic”. I challenged this interpretation and we discussed on twitter why we in the

Labour Movement have been victims of what can be construed as dark forces which have absolutely nothing to do Anti-Semitic tropes. I put forward some examples.

Both these failed DD posts are published in full below. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. The Labour Party has however much to reflect on. We should also ask on what basis are the DD searches based upon? If you look at these two you will find nothing that can be construed as offensive.

It is also worth noting that my Social Media use is widespread and consistent. I comment on political and non political matters. No one has ever called out anything that I have posted as offensive. Local Labour Party members have followed and liked what I have posted.


What conclusions can be drawn from this sorry story? Over the past few days there has been a major leak from LPHQ (The work of the Labour Party’s Governance and Legal Unit in relation to antisemitism, 2014 - 2019 ) which portrayed the nefarious role many staffers have played in obstructing the leadership and the membership. One such staffer is Ellie Buck the Regional Director of LP South Eastern Region who took great joy in “fighting trots”. Trots is a term of abuse used by those on the right of the party to lump all left wingers together. It’s been used consistently over the years. The behaviours of regional and national officials can only take place with the collusion and acceptance by local CLP’s.


The two items pulled from my Social Media posts are clearly not Anti Semitic in any shape or form. I am sure if they were construed in any such way then David Schneider would and should have called it out at the time. For the record I have liked many of David Schneider’s posts which have called out AS and have supported his calls for better education on the issue. Anyone with any knowledge of my personal and political history will confirm that I have fought racism in all its forms throughout my adult life.

The unaccountable bureaucrats at LPHQ appear to have free reign to destroy Labour Party members politically and personally. The DD process is not transparent and unchallengeable. The bureaucrat is judge, jury and executioner and is contrary to natural justice. My case is not unique. I have first-hand testimony of examples at two other constituencies with major consequences for the individuals and constituencies. It should also be noted that Jennie Formby and two “left” NEC members were aware of what was happening but chose not to act.


The Labour Party, as it is currently, constituted is not a safe place for Socialists. It needs a complete democratic overhaul. However, we are further from this than we were in 2015. There are now conscious efforts to make the party even more undemocratic and it’s officers unaccountable.

I have now left the Labour Party but remain a committed Socialist. I will not campaign for the party locally but will continue to engage with campaigns and causes. I will continue to put the case for Socialism which I believe is the only way the world can resolve climate change, inequality and social justice.

Marc Green

The items used by the Party officials to justify rejecting the unanimously selected CLP candidate are below.